chat room

chat room
a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)
Syn: ↑chatroom
Hypernyms: ↑web site, ↑website, ↑internet site, ↑site

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: a real-time on-line interactive discussion group

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Computers. a branch of a computer system in which participants can engage in real-time discussions with one another.

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chat room noun
A virtual space on the Internet where any number of people can exchange messages, often about a specific topic
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Main Entry:chat

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chat room UK US noun [countable] [singular chat room plural chat rooms] computing
an area on the Internet or a computer network where people can exchange messages
Thesaurus: internethyponym
See also: newsgroup

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chat room «chat room»,
an online or Internet discussion forum.

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n. an area on the Internet or other computer network where users can communicate, typically limiting communication to a particular topic

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noun, pl ⋯ rooms [count]
: a Web site or computer program that allows people to send messages to each other instantly over the Internet

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ˈchat room [chat room] noun
an area on the Internet where people can communicate with each other, usually about one particular topic
Email and the Internet
receive/get/open an email
write/send/answer/forward/delete an email
check/read/access your email
block/filter (out) junk/spam/unsolicited email
exchange email addresses
open/check your inbox
junk mail fills/floods/clogs your inbox
have/set up an email account
open/send/contain an attachment
sign up for/receive email alerts
Connecting to the Internet
use/access/log onto the Internet/the Web
go online/on the Internet
have a high-speed/dial-up/broadband/wireless (Internet) connection
access/connect to/locate the server
use/open/close/launch a/your web browser
browse/surf/search/scour the Internet/the Web
send/contain/spread/detect a (computer/email) virus
update your anti-virus software
install/use/configure a firewall
accept/enable/block/delete cookies
Using the Internet
visit/check a website/an Internet site/sb's blog
create/design/launch a website/social networking site
start/write/post/read a blog
update your blog/a website
be in/meet sb in/go into/enter an Internet chat room
download/upload music/software/a song/a podcast/a file/a copy of sth
share information/data/files
post a comment/message on a website/an online message board/a web forum/an internet chat room
stream video/audio/music/content over the Internet
join/participate in/visit/provide a (web-based/web/online/Internet/discussion) forum
generate/increase/monitor Internet traffic

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